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Electric Scooters

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Welcome to our page full with electric scooters for kids and adults. We have a wide range ranging from 12v to 48v electric scooters suitable for kids having fun outdoors or adults commuting in busy cities. With a long travel distance and easy to recharge at no fuel cost electric scooters are becoming very popular for both fun for kids and commuting to work or the shops. Top brands from Razor, Rage and JSF complete our range of electric scooters, we provide only the best quality products so you don't have to worry about anything but riding and having fun. We have E100, E200, E300 and the new Razor powercore range of electric scooters available as well as bigger 36v and 48v scooters which can reach huge speeds of up to 25mph and a 25km distance before you need to recharge. Step into a whole new world of fun and choose your perfect scooter and colour range now.