force flyers explorer drone white with motion glove features
JSF Force Flyers Explorer Drone with Motion Glove

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JSF Force Flyers Explorer Drone with Motion Glove

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Introducing the Force Flyers Explorer Drone with Motion Glove

Imagine being able to control a drone simply by the force of your hand movements. With the Force Flyers drone, unique technology makes this sci-fi dream a reality.

No need for a remote control, just slip on the Force Flyers Transmitter Glove, and the quadcopter drone follows every move of your hand. The unique hand-motion control means your drone can do 360 flips in mid-air with a simple press of a button and a flick of the wrist.

The design offers great stability, perfect for beginners and experts alike, with a cutting edge 6 axis gyro system providing controlled manoeuvrability whilst flying.

Unique Hand Motion Control Technology

The future is here with Force Flyers amazing new motion glove technology which gives pilots full control over the drone using just their hand motions. Simply slip on the Force Flyer Motion Glove and make the sci-fi dream a reality.

Complete Several Tricks & Manoeuvres

Drone enthusiasts can now perform stunning tricks and manoeuvres with a simple press of a button and flick of a wrist. Get hands on with our unique motion glove technology.

Throw Launch Technology & Quick Charging

Explorers will want to take to the skies immediately. With unique throw launch capability and a rapid 40 minute USB charging time, with Force Flyers drone enthusiasts will be able to take to the air in no time.

Explorer Flying & Night Guiding Lights

Explorers can adventure at all hours with bright night guiding lights and 10 minute roaming time. The Explorer boasts a staggering flying range of up to 150m allowing for awesome video footage from a whole new perspective.

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  • Fly Using Hand Motions
  • Patented glove technology makes flying easier, more exciting and intuitive
  • Complete with replacement blades
  • Features night guiding lights and cutting edge RC technology
  • Completes several tricks and manoeuvers with smooth flight performance