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Giant Snakes + Ladders

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Snakes and Ladders, is an ancient game from India. The game is one arm of a series of dice based games that came from India. The game of Snakes and Ladders is based on the concept of a persons journey to enlightenment and the vices and virtues that you have the opportunity to benefit or suffer from. The snakes or chutes represent the vices and set you back on the journey and the ladders are virtues that if you obtain them will assist you in gaining the enlightenment which is achieved by finishing the game this is why you must throw the correct number on the dice to finish the game, rather than just getting across the finish line at the end of the board. This is because enlightenment has to be worked at and is not just given!

The game has travelled around the world and become one of the most well known and much loved family pastimes although much of its heritage has been lost but, if you ask any child to name a board game even the youngest will have heard of Snakes and Ladders.

Garden Games takes this very traditional family game to a totally new dimension. The giant version puts you right at the heart of the game, where you, yourself act as the counter and move up and down the snakes and ladders of the game. We have also added some new features for extra fun. You may find yourself having to stand on one leg, or taking the opportunity to switch places with any other player on the board. Or, just when you thought you were never going to win, your throw may count double and put you right back in the game.

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