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How to install an InGround Trampoline

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How To Install a BERG InGround Trampoline: Talent; Favorit and Champion

berg inground easyfit trampoline

Have you ever considered purchasing an InGround trampoline instead of a traditional trampoline? There is a number of benefits to InGround trampolines which will keep both child and parent happy.

InGround trampolines although much more complicated to install ( if you haven’t read our guide) are a lot safer for kids due to their aesthetic nature they are much lower to the ground preventing any high fall injuries and also protected much more from the wind and weather. We get a lot of enquires of trampolines being damaged due to the wind carrying their trampoline 3 gardens down and an InGround trampoline will prevent this to some extent.

Among being much safer they are much more pleasing on the eye and don’t stand 10ft tall in the garden blocking your wonderful views, they are more discrete and sit perfectly in the garden.

I would say the only downfall of an InGround BERG trampoline or any in ground trampoline for that matter is the installation. That’s why we have put together this handy step-by-step guide to help you conquer the installation phase as quickly as possible, even while the kids are pestering dad how long till they can play.

Step 1: Planning & Preparation

The most important step is taking your time to plan where you are going to put your trampoline and making the necessary preparations to mark and dig the hole you are going to put the trampoline in to the correct size. After all you don’t want to mess it up and have a big hole in your garden.

Firstly each BERG InGround trampoline comes with 2 marker pegs and elastic rope marking the exact circumference you need for each size. Choose where you want to install your trampoline and place the first marker in the center of where you wish to place the trampoline.

Secondly place the second peg in the hole at the other end of the rope and stretch the rope as far as possible to mark out the diameter of your trampoline. Now simple draw a line in the ground, gravel or grass you wish to place your trampoline in a 360 degree circle so it is clearly marked out.

inground trampoline step 1 berg in ground trampoline installation

Step 2: Digging the hole

Now grab your spade and dig dig dig, the centre section of the hole wants to be exactly 75cm deep. Dig the rest of the hole to the circumference with the hole bowing upwards from the centre to the edges.

in ground trampoline holeinground trampoline hole 75cm

Step 3: Building The Trampoline

Now the hard parts out of the way it’s time to do some real work and build the actual trampoline! For this part it’s best to follow the included instructions with your trampoline but just in case you get stuck we have included some handy links to build videos for each of BERG’s InGround trampolines to help you through the whole process.

berg in ground trampoline complete berg in ground champion trampoline

BERG InGround Talent Trampoline

The Talent trampolines is BERG’s budget model but still takes into account their principals of dedication to safety & quality. As this trampoline is a new release BERG actually haven’t released an assembly video for it but you can follow the same process as the BERG Favorit Trampoline.

BERG InGround Favorit Trampoline

The Favorit model Is BERG's flagship trampoline creating a safe and quality jumping environment without a heavy price tag

BERG InGround EasyFit Trampoline

The EasyFit Trampoline is BERG’S Square InGround Trampoline tailored at practicing tricks, jumps and flips.

BERG InGround Champion Trampoline

BERG’s elite and most superior range of trampolines, This high quality range of InGround trampolines is built to last a lifetime and comes with the warranty to match